Friday, 19 August 2011

20 LBS lighter... one size down in hell!

As for those of you that don't know, I'm in naija.... yes, i know, you are jealous, except you are in naija of course. well since i came in may, i have had a natural weight loss supplement, the heat. Nigeria is a natural sauna, it burns fat at a rapid rate. immediately you step out of you house, it starts burning, until the rainy season kills your weight loss supplement. so when i came and i realized that i was losing weight i decided to take matters into my own hands.
i decided to go on the protein diet. this is a diet where you only eat protein,vegetables fruits and all that jazz, but carbs are your enemies (kill them!!!!! well they give you energy so don;t kill them). you eat carbs weekends! but monday to friday are no no to carbs days.
for 2 weeks straight (including weekends) i have gone through the no carbs. until i got malaria and low blood percentage and i have to eat righter until i am done with the medication.
so i have added a fantastic exercise to the routine, dancing to trace urban (for those of you lacking DSTV, its a music channel better than MTV base and the channel O of today - not the one we used to know that rocked). do this for thirty minutes and see what happens. learn beyonce's run the world routine, then try doing it over and over again. i kinda learnt it already myself.
i will try to update the blog as often as i can but until next time.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: substitute your sweets for fruits. and if you have to binge, binge light. don't binge on a huge slice of cake, binge on a sliver. the less the pastries, the better your health.